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La musica de los caballeros del zodiaco


1.- Megami no Senshi - Pegasus Forever (Marina del Ray)
2.- Chikyuugi (Yumi Matsuzawa)
3.- Kimi to Onaji Aozora (Yumi Matsuzawa)
4.- Rio Aqueron (Dahna & Rashufe)
5.- El Triste Orfeo (YuU del grupo Sui-ren)
6.- El Muro de los Lamentos (Marina del Ray)
7.- Greatest Eclipse (Marina del Ray)
8.- 8 Sentidos (Marina del Ray)
9.- Takusu mono he - My Dear (Yumi Matsuzawa)
10.- Kami no en - Del Regno (Ishibashi Yuuko)
*Cover+Libreto del Cd "Meiou Hades Special Album"


01. Pegasus Fantasy -Opening Santuario-
02. We´re fearless warriors
03. Blue Forever -Ending Santuario-
04. Lullaby
05. Soldier Dream -Opening Asgard y Poseidon-
06. Time
07. Blue Dream -Ending Asgard y Poseidon-
08. Pegasus Fantasy (cantada por el doblador de Seiya -creo-)
09. You are my reason to be -ending movie 3-
10. Soldier Dream (versión en inglés)
11. Dead or dead
12. Shine on
13. Chikyuugi -opening Hades Santuario-
14. Kimi to Onaji Aozora -ending Hades Santuario-
15. Never -Movie Tenkai Hen-
16. Pegasus forever -Opening Hades Infierno-
17. My dear -ending Hades Infierno-


1.Burning Blood
2.Do Cvidanija - Time Of Promise
3.Born To Be A Soldier
4.I Leave My Heart
5.Shining Star - Goddess Lullaby
6.Soldier Dream
Incluye una traducción del Drama


1.Only For Love
2.Where Do We Go?
3.Love Is Forever
4.Sayonara Warriors
5.Try Again
7.Never Give Up Boys
8.You Need Love
9.Pegasus Fantasy
10.Blue Forever


1.Promise In Protection Star
3.Nebula Chain
4.Pegasus Fantasy
5.Chapter 1 - "North Star Hilda"
6.Blue Forever
7.Chapter 2 - "North star Hilda"
8.Under Sea Temple
9.Blue Dream
10.Chapter 3 - "Save Goddess!"
11.Soldier Dream
12.Athena's Theme


1.Pegasus Fantasy
2.Can't Say Good Bye
3.Friends In The Sky
4.Love Fighter
5.Final Soldier
7.I am Fight
9.Stardust Way
10.Blue Forever


2.Diamond Dust
3.Golden Heart
5.Stop The Fate
6.Nebula Chain
7.You Are Phoenix
8.Dragon Blood
9.We're Fearless Warriors


1.Soldier Dream
2.We Are Saint
3.Round and Round
5.Best Friend
6.Lonely My Way
7.Wake You Alone
8.Stay, Away
9.Boys Be
10.Blue Dream


1.Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken
2.Sanctuary, Precept Of Death
3.Galaxian Wars
4.Burn Cosmos
5.Promise In Protection Star
6.Godded Saint
7.Revenger Phoenix
8.Black Saint's Challenge
9.Sad Brothers
10.Era of Legend


1.Evil Goddess Eris
2.Inside A Dream
3.Warrior Of Sagittarius
4.Gaher! Under Supervision of Athena
5.Glide! Pegasus
6.Pope Ares
7.Aria of the Three
8.Another Field
9.Guidance of Constellation
10.Athena's Theme
11.Dilemma - Shadow is Approaching
12.Night Before Battle
13.Beautiful Gold Saint
14.Seven Senses
15.Ikki's Theme
16.New Battles
17.Group Of Assassins
18.Fight! Sanctuary
20.Cosmo of Friendship


1. Pegasus Fantasy TV Size
2. Intense! Cosmo
3. Blue Forever (Instrumental)
4. Athena's Love
5. Resting of Warrior
6. Hoo Yoku Ten Shoo
7. Sanctuary's Shudder
8. Cygnus - Warrior Of Ice
9. Direction of Heated Fights
10. Saint Of Hope
11. Far Reaching Five Old Peak
12. Remember Sadness
13. Ares' Shadow
14. Enter! Steps of Evil
15. Pegasus Fantasy (instrumental)
16. Launch Ryu Sei Ken
17. Blue Forever (TV Size)


1. Northern Legend
2. Asgard's Brothers and Sister
3. Odin, Evil God Clan
4. Disconnected Friendship
5. Mjolnir's Hammer
6. Save The Goddess
7. God Warrior vs. Saint
8. Gold Cloth, Descent
9. Frey: Hero of Love and Justice
10. God's Dusk - Wagner Rock
11. Under The World Tree
12. Illusion of 12 Temples
13. Andromeda Shun, That Fight
14. Escape from Devil Castle
15. And the Era of Holy Wars... (unrecorded)


1. Prologue
2. Abel's Theme
3. Saori's Decision
4. Athena's Death
5. Challenge Gods
6. Heated Saints
7. Underworld
8. Phoenix Gen Ma Ken
9. Gemini Betrayal
10. Unbinding Will
11. Deucalion's Big Flood
12. Confrontation
13. Athena Revived
14. Corona Temple's Destruction
15. You Are My Reason To Be (Movie Version)


1. Polaris Hilda
2. Libeling Ring
3. New Wars Comes Up
4. Legendary God Warriors
5. The Tears of Sad Heroes
6. Towards Valhalla Temple
7. Cursed Goddess
8. For The Lovely Earth
9. Saint Legend (Soldier Dream Instrumental)
10. Find Balmung Sword
11. Dream Traveller


1.Under Sea Temple
2.Mermaid's Calling
3.Another Holy War
4.Shining! Bronze Cloth
5.Siren Sorento
6.The King Of The Sea Comes
7.Dead End Symphony
8.Seven Generals
9.Time Of Destruction
10.Legend of Poseidon
11.Athena Revived


1.Opening: Dawn
2.Child Of Dawn, Lucifer
3.Devil Temple
4.Sacred Sacrifice
5.Fallen Angel vs. Saint
6.Bell Of Angelus Prayer
7.Golden Mantis
8.Last Holy War
9.Arrow Of Sun
10.Finish Hymn Of Light
11.Fantasy Maze
12.Warriors Of Constellation
13.Decision of Destiny
14.Saints Of Hope, Forever


2.108 MaSei
3.Interlude 1
4.Dead or Death
5.Twin Salas
6.Interlude 2
7.Young Saints Oh
8.Interlude 3
9.Pandora's Box
10.Interlude 4
12.Interlude 5
13.Greatest Eclipse
14.Shine On


1.Tenkai Hen-hen Josou - he no Zensoukyoku
2.Artemis no Shutsugen
3.Athena no Ai
4.Seiya to Marin
5.Sei'iki no Kutou
6.Seiya, Futatabi
7.Shun vs Theseus
8.Ikki Toujou
9.Athena no Seitoushi
10.Tsurai Tatakai
11.Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu vs Odysseus
12.Icarus no Omoi
13.Seiya vs Icarus
14.Yasashii Koku
15.Ugokidashita Unmei
17.Athena no Ketsui
18.Touma to Marin
20.Kyuukyoku no Shou'uchuu
21.Itsuka, Dokoka de
22.Never - Seitoushi Seiya no Theme



Saint Seiya Eternal CD Box
-Disco 1
01 Pegasus Fantasy TV-size
02 A Brillant Cosmo
03 Pegasus Ryuseiken
04 Revive! Legendary Hero
05 Sanctuary´s Deadly Preachings
06 The Galactic Wars
07 Athena That Love
08 Burn! My cosmo!
09 The 0ath to the Guardian Stars
10 Tranquility
11 Under Pegasus Constellation
12 Bridge Collection
13 Dilemma The Shadows creep closer
14 The Eve of Battle
15 Time of Ordeal
16 The Others´Distant Battle
17 Blue forever (instrumental version, 1 Choris edit size)
18 Pegasus Fantasy (instrumental trailer version)

-Disco 2
01 Pegasus fantasy (instrumental version, 1 half edit size)
02 The Saint of Hope
03 Goddess´s Saint
04 Phoenix´s Revenge
05 Battle against the Black Saint
06 Brotherly Compassion
07 Phoenix´s Takeoff
08 The Sanctuary´s Menace
09 Cygnus Warrior of Ice
10 The Faraway Five Peaks
11 Remember Sadness
12 Ares´Shadow
13 Shikku no Saint
14 Launch the Pegasus Ryuseiken!
15 Era of Mythology
16 Blue Forver (TV- size)

-Disco 3:
01 Pegasus Fantasy (instrumental version, full size)
02 Prologue
03 Eris, Goddess of Discord
04 Fukichi naru suisei Repulse
05 Saori, torawaru
06 Gekijouban Saint Seiya Bridge Collection
07 The 5 Ghost Saint
08 Inside a dream
09 Catching Melody
10 Totsunyuu se yo! Seinto
11 Ghost Saint Jagger
12 Athena and Saints
13 Gather around Athena
14 The Sagittarius Warrior
15 Tatakai no hate
16 Bonus tracks Pegasus Fantasy (off vocal version)
17 Bonus Tracks Blue Forever (off vocal version)

-Disco 4
01 Fly! Pegasuss!
02 The Pope Ares
03 The Warriors´Rest
04 The Three Aria
05 Bridge Collection
06 Another Field
07 Shinpi naru shojokyu
08 Athena
09 Battle of Seiya
10 The Magnificent Gold Saints
11 Seventh Sense
12 Ikki´s Theme
13 A New War Awaits
14 A Group of Assassins
15 Fight! Sanctuary!
16 The Cosmo of Friendship
17 Blue Forever ( instrumental version, full size)

-Disco 5
01 Opening Legend of the North
02 Pegasus Fantasy (tv-size S.E. Mix)
03 Asgard´s Brother and Sister
04 Odin, clan of the Evil God
05 Broken Friendship
06 Mjolnir´s Hammer
07 Save Athena!
08 God Warriors versus Saint
09 Descent of the Gold Cloth
10 Frey Hero of Love and Justice
11 The God´s Dusk Ragnarok
12 Closing Under the World Tree
13 Prologue
14 Abel
15 Saori´s decission
16 The Goddess´Death
17 Going to Challenge the Gods
18 Burning Seiya
19 The Underworld
20 Phoenix Genma Ken
21 The Gemini´s Counterattack
22 The Indomitavle Fighting Spirit
23 The Dukarion´s Deluge
24 Abel Theme Decision of destiny
25 The confrontation
26 The Transmigration of Athena
27 Collapse of the Sun Shrine
28 You are my reason to be (movie version)

-Disco 6
01 Soldier Dream (tv-size)
02 Hilda of the North Star
03 Nibelungen Ring
04 Soldier Dream - Blue Dream (instrumental arrange)
05 A New War Arises
06 A Maze of Illusions
07 Legendary God Warriors
08 Tears of the Sad Heroes
09 Soldier dream (instrumental arrange)
10 Bridge Collection
11 Hilda Theme
12 Love Fighter (instrumental version)
13 To Valhalla Palace
14 The Bewitched Goddess
15 For this Beloved Earth
16 Warriors of the Constallation
17 soldier Dream
18 I am Fight (instrumental version)
19 Find the Balmung Sword!
20 Blue Dream
21 Blue Dream (tv-size)

-Disco 7
01 Soldier Dream (tv-size S.E. Mix Ver.II)
02 Submarine Temple
03 The Call of the Mermaid
04 Yet Another Holy War
05 Shine! Bronze Cloth!
06 Stardust Way (instrumental version)
07 Siren Sorento
08 Bridge Collection 1
09 Thetis Song
10 Bridge Collection 2
11 Arrival of the King of Seas
12 Dead End Symphony
13 The Seven Sea Generals
14 Soldier Dream (instrumental version)
15 Time of Destruction
16 The Legend of Poseidon
17 Athena´s Rebirth
18 Blue Dream (instrumental version)
19 Bonus tracks Overture
20 Bonus tracks Diamond Dust (off vocal version)
21 Bonus tracks Golden Heart (off vocal version)
22 Bonues track Lullaby (off vocal version)

-Disco 8
01 Promise in Protection Star
02 Time
03 Nebula Chain
04 Pegasus Fantasy
05 Dessin I
06 Blue Forever
07 Dessin II
08 Under Sea Temple
09 Blue Dream
10 Dessin III
11 Soldier Dream
12 Athena Theme
13 Bonus track Stop the Fate (off vocal version)
14 Bonus track Nebula Chain (off vocal version)
15 Bonus track You´re Phoenix (off vocal version)
16 Bonus track Dragon Blood (off vocal version)
17 Bonus track We´re Fearless Warriors (off vocal version)
18 Bonus track Termination

-Disco 9
01 Opening Dawn
02 soldier Dream (tv-size S.E. Mix Ver.1)
03 Child of Twilight Lucifer
04 Pandemonium, the Devil´s Temple
05 Sacred Sacrifice
06 Fallen Angels versus Saints
07 Angelus The Bell´s Prayer
08 Golden Mantis
09 The Final Conflict
10 Arrow of the Sun
11 Hymn to Light
12 Bonus Track Opening Lengend of the North (without chorus)
13 Bonus Track Save Athena! (without coros)
14 Bonus Track God Warriors versus Saints (without coros)
15 Bonus Track Closing Under the World Tree (without coros)
16 Bonus Track Abel Theme (alternate chorus)
17 Bonus Track Angelus The Bell´s Prayer (short version)
18 Bonus Track Soldier Dream (off vocal version)
19 Bonus Tracks We are the Saint (off vocal version)
20 Bonus Tracks Round and Round (off vocal version)
21 Bonus Tracks Time (off vocal version)
22 Bonus Tracks Best Friend (off vocal version)

-Discos 10
01 Opening
02 The 108 Evil Stars
03 Interlude I
04 Dead or dead (off vocal version)
05 Twin Salas
06 Interlude II
07 Young Saints
08 Interlude III
09 Pandora´s Box
10 Interlude IV
11 Elysium
12 Interlude V
13 Greatest Eclipse
14 Shine on (off vocal version)
15 Bonus Tracks Lonely my way (off vocal version)
16 Bonus Tracks Wake you Alone (off vocal version)
17 Bonus Tracks Stay Away (off vocal version)
18 Bonus Tracks Boys Be (off vocal version)
19 Bonus Tracks Blue Dream (off vocal version)

-Disco 11
01 Pegasus Fantasy (1986 version)
02 Can´t say good-bye
03 Friends in the Sky
04 Love Fighter
05 Final Soldier
06 Remember
07 I am fight
08 Beautiful Child
09 Stardust way
10 Blue Forever (1986 version)
11 Pegasus Fantasy (Toru Furuya)
12 Diamond Dust
13 Golden Heart
14 Lullaby
15 Stop the Fate
16 Nebula Chain
17 You´re Phoenix

-Disco 12
01 Dragon Blood
02 We´re Fearless Warriors
03 Soldier Dream
04 We are Saint
05 Round and round
06 Time 2036
07 Best Friend
08 Lonely my way
09 Wake you Alone
10 Stay away
11 Boys Be
12 Blue Dream
13 You are my reason to be (single version)
14 Can´t see Hurricane
15 Dead or dead
16 Shine on

-Disco 13
01 Only for Love
02 Where do we go?
03 Love is Forever
04 Sayonara Warriors
05 Try Again
06 Hello
07 Never give up Boys
08 You need Love
09 Pegasus Fantasy (1996 version)
10 Blue Forever (1996 version)
11 Burning Blood
12 Born To Be A Soldier
13 I Leave My Heart
14 Shining Star (English version)
15 Soldier Dream (English version)


Lista de canciones File 1: TV Series Soundtrack Sanctuary 01
01. Pegasus Fantasy (TV- sinze)
02. Intense! Cosmo
03. Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken
04. Yomigaere! Eiyu densetsu
05. Sanctuary, precept of death
06. Galaxian Wars
07. Athena sono ai
08. Burn cosmos
09. Promise in Protection Star
10. Tranquility
11. Pegasus-za no shita ni
12. Bridge Collection
13. Dilemma- Shadow is Approching
14. Night before battle
15. Shiren no toki
16. Direction of heated fights
17. Blue Forever (instrumental)
18. Pegasus Fantasy (instrumental- trailer version)

Lista de Canciones File 2: TV Series Soundtrack Sanctuary 02
01. Pegasus fantasy (instrumental)
02. Saint of Hope
03. Goddedd´s Saint
04. Revenger Phoenix
05. Balck Saint´s challenge
06. Sad Brothers
07. Inmortal bird´s wide digression
08. Sanctuary´s shudder
09. Cygnus, Warrior of Ice
10. Far Reaching Five Old Peaks
11. Remember Sadness
12. Ares´s Shadow
13. Shikku no Saint
14. Launch Rye Sei Ken
15. Era of Legend
16. Blue Forever (Tv-sinze)

Lista de Canciones File 3: Gekijoban Hen
01. Pegasus Fantasy (instrumental version-full size)
02. Prologue
03. Eris, Goddess of Discord
04. Fukichi Naru Suisei Repulse
05. Saori, torawaru
06. Gekijôban "Saint SEiya" Bridge Collection
07. The 5 Ghost Saint
08. Inside a dream
09. Catching Melody
10. Totsunyû se yo! Seinto
11. Ghost Saint Jagger
12. Athena and Saints
13. Gather Around Athena
14. The Sagittarius Warrior
15. Tatakai no hate
16. Bonus Track- Pegasus Fantasy (off vocal version)
17. Bonus Track- Forever Blue (off vocal version)

Lista de Canciones File 4: TV Series Soundtrack Sanctuary Hen 03
01. Fly! Pegasus!
02. The Pope Ares
03. The Warriors Rest
04. The Three Aria
05. Bridge Collection
06. Another Field
07. Shinpi Naru Shojokyu
08. Athena
09. Battle of Seiya
10. The Magnificent Gold Saints
11. Seventh Sense
12. Ikki's Theme
13. A New War Awaits
14. A Group of Assassins
15. Fight! Sanctuary!
16. The Cosmo of Friendship
17. Blue Forever(Instrumental Version, Full Size)

Lista de Canciones File 5: Kamigami no Atsuki Tatakai & Shinku no Shônen Densetsu
01. Opening: Legend of the North
02. Pegasus Fantasy(TV Size S.E.Mix)
03. Asgard's Brother and Sister
04. Odin, Clan of the Evil God
05. Broken Friendship
06. Mjolnir's Hammer
07. Save Athena!
08. God Warriors vs Saints
09. Descent of the Gold Cloth
10. Frey - Hero of Love and Justice
11. The God's Dusk - Ragnarock
12. Ending: Under the World Tree
13. Prologue
14. Abel
15. Saori's Decision
16. The Goddess' Death
17. Going to Challenge the Gods
18. Burning Seiya
19. The Underworld
20. Phoenix Genma Ken
21. The Gemini's Counterattack
22. The Indomitable Fighting Spirit
23. The Dukarion's Deluge
24. Abel Theme: Decision of Destiny
25. The Confrontation
26. The Transmigration of Athena
27. Collapse of the Sun Shrine
28. You Are My Reason To Be (Movie version)

Lista de Canciones File 06 - Golden Ring Chapter- TV Series Soundtrack Sanctuary Hen 04

01. Soldier Dream(TV Size)
02. Hilda of the North Star
03. Nibelungen Ring
04. Soldier Dream ~ Blue Dream (Instrumental Arrange)
05. A New War Arises
06. A Maze of Illusions
07. Legendary God Warriors
08. Tears of the Sad Heroes
09. Soldier Dream(Instrumental Arrange)
10. Bridge Collection
11. Hilda Theme
12. Love Fighter(Instrumental Version)
13. To Walhalla Palace
14. The Bewitched Goddess
15. For this Beloved Earth
16. Warriors of the Constellation
17. Soldier Dream
18. I am Fight (Instrumental Version)
19. Find the Balmung Sword!
20. Blue Dream
21. Blue Dream (TV Size)

Lista de Canciones File 07 - Poseidon Chapter- TV Series Soundtrack Sanctuary Hen 05

01. Soldier Dream (TV Size S.E.Mix Ver.II)
02. Submarine Temple
03. The Call of the Mermaid
04. Yet Another Holy War
05. Shine! Bronze Cloth!
06. Stardust Way (Instrumental Version)
07. Siren Sorrento
08. Bridge Collection #1
09. Thetis Song
10. Bridge Collection #2
11. Arrival of the King of Seas
12. Dead End Symphony
13. The Seven Sea Generals
14. Soldier Dream (Instrumental Version)
15. Time of Destruction
16. The Legend of Poseidon
17. Athena's Rebirth
18. Blue Dream (Instrumental Version)
19. Bonus Tracks: Overture
20. Bonus Tracks: Diamond Dust (Off Vocal version)
21. Bonus Tracks: Golden Heart (Off Vocal version)
22. Bonus Tracks: Lullaby (Off Vocal version)

Lista de Canciones File 8- Piano Fantasia
01. Promise in Protection Star
02. Time
03. Nebula Chain
04. Pegasus Fantasy
05. Dessin I
06. Blue Forever
07. Dessin II
08. Under Sea Temple
09. Blue Dream
10. Dessin III
11. Soldier Dream
12. Athena Theme
13. Bonus Tracks ~ Stop The Fate (Off Vocal Version)
14. Bonus Tracks ~ Nebula Chain (Off Vocal Version)
15. Bonus Tracks ~ You're Phoenix (Off Vocal Version)
16. Bonus Tracks ~ Dragon Blood (Off Vocal Version)
17. Bonus Tracks ~ We're Fearless Warriors (Off Vocal Version)
18. Bonus Tracks ~ Termination

Lista de Canciones File 9- Saishuseisen No Senshitachi Hen
01. Opening: Dawn
02. Soldier Dream (TV Size S.E.Mix Ver.I)
03. Child of Twilight, Lucifer
04. Pandemonium, the Devil's Temple
05. Sacred Sacrifice
06. Fallen Angels Versus Saints
07. Angelus: The Bells' Prayer
08. Golden Mantis
09. The Final Conflict
10. Arrow of the Sun
11. Hymn to Light
12. Bonus Tracks ~ Opening: Legend of the North (Without Chorus)
13. Bonus Tracks ~ Save Athena! (Without Chorus)
14. Bonus Tracks ~ God Warriors vs Saints (Without Chorus)
15. Bonus Tracks ~ Closing ~ Under the World Tree (Without Chorus)
16. Bonus Tracks ~ Abel Theme (Alternate Chorus)
17. Bonus Tracks ~ Angelus ~ The Bells' Prayer (Short Version)
18. Bonus Tracks ~ Soldier Dream (Off Vocal Version)
19. Bonus Tracks ~ We Are Saint (Off Vocal Version)
20. Bonus Tracks ~ Round and Round (Off Vocal Version)
21. Bonus Tracks ~ Time (Off Vocal Version)
22. Bonus Tracks ~ Best Friend (Off Vocal Version)

Lista de Canciones File 10- Image Soundtrack-hen- King of the Underworld Hades
01. Opening
02. The 108 Evil Stars
03. Interlude I
04. Dead or Dead (Off Vocal Version)
05. Twin Salas
06. Interlude II
07. Young Saints
08. Interlude III
09. Pandora's Box
10. Interlude IV
11. Elysium
12. Interlude V
13. Greatest Eclipse
14. Shine On (Off Vocal Version)
15. Bonus Tracks ~ Lonely my Way (Off Vocal Version)
16. Bonus Tracks ~ Wake you Alone (Off Vocal Version)
17. Bonus Tracks ~ Stay Away (Off Vocal Version)
18. Bonus Tracks ~ Boys Be (Off Vocal Version)
19. Bonus Tracks ~ Blue Dream (Off Vocal Version)
Eternal Edition File 05
Eternal Edition File 06
Eternal Edition File 07
Eternal Edition File 09 Y 10


Disco 1 - BGM Best Selection 1
1. Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken
2. Cygnus - Warrior Of Ice
3. Galaxian Wars
4. Revenger Phoenix
5. Hoo Yoku Ten Shoo
6. Sad Brothers
7. Far Reaching Five Old Peaks
8. Direction Of Heated Fights
9. Pope Ares
10. Dilemma - Shadow Is Approaching
11. Beautiful Gold Saints
12. Illusion Of 12 Temples
13. Violent Clash! Sanctuary
14. Glide Pegasus
15. Athena's Love

Disco 2 - BGM Best Selection 2
1. Toward Valhalla Temple
2. Cursed Goddess
3. Saint Legend
4. Find Balmung Sword
5. God's Dusk - Ragnarock
6. Seven Generals
7. Dead End Symphony
8. Under Sea Temple
9. Evil God Eris
10. Andromeda Shun, That Fight
11 Under the Wood
12 Abel's Theme
13 Child Of Dawn, Lucifer
14 Finish Hymn Of Light

Disco 3 - Vocal Collection
1. Pegasus Fantasy
2. Can't Say Goodbye
3. Beautiful Child
4. Blue Forever
5. Dragon Blood
6. Lullaby
7. We're Fearless Warriors
8. Soldier Dream
9. We are Saint
10. Boys Be
11. Blue Dream
12. You Are My Reason To Be

Disco 4 - Drama Tracks
1. Prologue - New Hero Legend
2. Galaxian Wars
3. Phoenix! Warrior Who Seen Hell
4. Fight! Gold Saint
5. Sanctuary Chapter 1 (Aries - Taurus Temple)
6. Sanctuary Chapter 2 (Cancer Temple)
7. Sanctuary Chapter 3 (Virgo Temple)
8. Sanctuary Chapter 4 (Scorpio Temple)
9. Sanctuary Chapter 5 (Capricorn Temple)
10. Sanctuary Chapter 6 (Aquarius Temple)
11. Sanctuary Chapter 7 (Pisces Temple)
12. Sanctuary Chapter 8 (Pope's Place)
13. Sanctuary Chapter 9 (Pope's Place)

Disco 5 - Drama + Special Version
1. Golden Ring Chapter 1 (Seiya vs. Siegfred)
2. Golden Ring Chapter 2 (Seiya vs. Hilda)
3. Poseidon Chapter 1 (Bronze Saint vs. Poseidon)
4. Poseidon Chapter 2 (Epilogue - Legend of Youth)
5. Pegasus Fantasy (Voice of Seiya)
6. Un-Recorded BGM
7. Sound Effect Collection
8. Pegasus Fantasy (Karaoke)
9. Blue Forever (Karaoke)
10. Soldier Dream (Karaoke)
11. Blue Dream (Karaoke)


Disc 1 - Best Song 1
1.Pegasus Fantasy
2.Can't Say Goodbye
3.Friends In The Sky
4.Love Fighter
5.Beautiful Child
6.Stardust Way
9.Stop The Fate
10.Dragon Blood
11.We're Fearless Warriors
13.Soldier Dream
14.We Are Saint

Disc 2 - Best Song 2
2.Best Friend
3.Stay, Away
4.Boys Be
5.Blue Dream
6.Shine On
7.Good Bye Warriors
8.Try Again
9.Blue Forever (1996 version)
10.You Are My Reason To Be
11.Burning Blood
12.I Leave My Heart
13.Shining Star - Goddess Lullaby
14.Soldier Dream English Version

Disc 3 - Symphonic Suites 1
1.Pegasus Fantasy (TV Size)

2.Suite 1: The Awakening of Cloth (del OST1)
Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken
Galaxian Wars
Burn Cosmos
Revenger Phoenix

3.Suite 2: Evil God Eris (del OST2)
Evil God Eris
Gather! Under the Supervision of Athena
Gilde! Pegasus
Three Aria
Athena's Theme
Beautiful Gold Saints
Seven Senses
New Wars

4.Suite 3: Sanctuary Mark (Sign) (del OST 3)
Cygnus - Warrior of Ice
Far Reaching Five Old Peaks
Remember - Sadness
Launch Ryu Sei Ken

5.Suite 4: Wars of Ice (del OST 4)
Asgard's Brothers and Sisters
Mjolnir's Hammer
Save Goddess
God Warrior vs Saint
Frey - Hero of Love and Justice
Gods' Dusk - Ragnarok
Finish: Under the Wood of the "World Tree"
And the Era of Holy Wars....

Disc 4 - Symphonic Suites 2
1.Suite 5: Legend of True Red Youth (del OST 5)
Abel's Theme
Goddess Athena's Death
Challenge Gods
Athena Revived
Corona (sun) Temple's Destruction

2.Suite 6: Northern God Warrior (del OST 6)
North Star Hilda
Toward Valhalla Temple
Saint Legend (Soldier Dream Inst.)
Find Balmung Sword
Dream Traveler (Blue Dream Inst.)

3.Suite 7: King of the Sea's Zinc (del OST 7)
Under Sea Temple
Mermaid's Calling
Shining! Bronze Cloth
Athena Revived

4.Suite 8: Hymn of Light (del OST 8)
Child of Dawn, Lucifer
Sacred Sacrifice
Bell of Angelus Player
Golden Mantis
Final Holy War
Arrow of Sun
Finish: Hymn of Light
Decision of Destiny
Saints of Hope, forever

5.Blue Forever (TV Size)

Disc 5 - Image & Stories
1.Pegasus Fantasy
3.Athena's Theme
4.Soldier Dream
5.Drama Track - Interlude 1
6.Drama Track - Interlude 2
7.Drama Track - Interlude 3
8.Drama Track - Interlude 4
9.Drama Track - Interlude 5
10.Suite 9: King of the Underworld
108 Evil Stars
Pandora's Box
Greatest Eclipse
11.Time of Promise


1.Pegasus Fantasy
2.Love Fighter
3.Beautiful Child
4.Blue Forever
5.Soldier Dream
7.Best Friend
8.Stay, Away
9.Blue Dream
10.Dead or Dead
11.Diamond Dust
12.Golden Heart
14.Nebula Chain
15.Dragon Blood


CD 1 - Seiya
CD 1 - 01 - Pegasus Fantasy (1986 version)
CD 1 - 02 - Can't Say Good-Bye
CD 1 - 03 - Friends in the Sky
CD 1 - 04 - Love Forever
CD 1 - 05 - Final Soldier
CD 1 - 06 - Remember
CD 1 - 07 - I am Fight
CD 1 - 08 - Beautiful Child
CD 1 - 09 - Stardust Way
CD 1 - 10 - Blue Forever (1986 version)
CD 1 - 11 - Pegasus Fantasy (Karaoke version)
CD 1 - 12 - Diamond Dust
CD 1 - 13 - Golden Heart
CD 1 - 14 - Lullaby
CD 1 - 15 - Stop the Fate
CD 1 - 16 - Nebula Chain
CD 1 - 17 - You Are Phoenix

CD 2 - Shiryu & Hyoga
CD 2 - 01 - Dragon Blood
CD 2 - 02 - We're Fearless Warriors
CD 2 - 03 - Soldier Dream
CD 2 - 04 - We Are Saint
CD 2 - 05 - Round and Round
CD 2 - 06 - Time
CD 2 - 07 - Best Friend
CD 2 - 08 - Lonely My Way
CD 2 - 09 - Wake You Alone
CD 2 - 10 - Stay, Away
CD 2 - 11 - Boys Be
CD 2 - 12 - Blue Dream
CD 2 - 13 - You Are my Reason To Be
CD 2 - 14 - Can't See Hurricane
CD 2 - 15 - Dead or Dead
CD 2 - 16 - Shine On

CD 3 - Shun & Ikki
CD 3 - 01 - Only For Love
CD 3 - 02 - Where do we go?
CD 3 - 03 - Love is Forever
CD 3 - 04 - Sayonara Warriors
CD 3 - 05 - Try Again
CD 3 - 06 - Hello
CD 3 - 07 - Never Give Up Boys
CD 3 - 08 - You Need Love
CD 3 - 09 - Pegasus Fantasy (1996 version)
CD 3 - 10 - Blue Forever (1996 version)
CD 3 - 11 - Burning Blood
CD 3 - 12 - Born To Be A Soldier
CD 3 - 13 - I Leave My Heart
CD 3 - 14 - Shining Star (English version)
CD 3 - 15 - Soldier Dream (English Version)


Saint Seiya Pegasus Fantasy/blue Forever Single

1.Pegasus Fantasy
2.Blue Forever

Saint Seiya Soldier Dream/ Dream Traveller Single

1.Saint Legend (Soldier Dream)
2.Dream Traveler

You Are My Reason to Be Single

1.You Are My Reason To Be
2.Can't See Hurricane

Saint Seiya Single

1.Soldier Dream
2.Dream Traveler
3.Pegasus Fantasy
4.Blue Forever

Mitsuko Horie "Song of Seiya"

1.Goddess; Lullaby
2.Wings of Hope
3.Final Soldier
4.Beautiful Child

Saint Seiya Hades Single "Chapter Sanctuary"

1.Chikyuugi [Opening Theme]
2.Kimi to Onaji Aozora [Ending Theme]
3.Kimi to Onaji Aozora [Video Size]
4.Chikyuugi [Original Karaoke]
5.Kimi to Onaji Aozora [Original Karaoke]
Tracks Extras

Saint Seiya Hades Single "Meikai Hen"

1.Pegasus Forever [Opening Theme]
2.My dear [Ending Theme]
3.Pegasus Forever [Original karaoke]
4.My dear [Original Karaoke]



1.Pegasus Fantasy TV Size
2.Galaxian Wars - Dream Battle pt 1: Pegasus vs. Andromeda 2: Dragon Shiryu vs. Cygnus Hyoga
4.Rival of Destiny - Cassios: pt 1: Aiolia, Lighting Plasma 2: Cassios, Dying for Love
6.Blue Forever TV Size


-Traducción del primer cd (formato video con imágenes, el sonido del drama y la traducción -muy recomendable-):



1.L'invincible Seiyar
2.Chevalier du Dragon
3.Le Combat Des Heros
4.Sous Le Sine du Zodiaque
5.En Marchant
6.Chevalier au Grand Coeur
7.Chevaliers en Avant
8.La Chanson Des Chevaliers
9.Fier Et Vailant Chevalier
10.L'hymne Des Chevaliers
11.Le Tourbillon Des Heros
12.Quand Sonnera La victoire
13.Les Chevaliers Du Zodiaque


Files 01 à 8(éditions françaises)[/b]
Disco 1: filles 01 et 02.
File 01:bande originale de la série télévisée #01 Sanctuaire
01 Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque(générique français)
02 Pegasus Fantasy(générique de début n°1-version TV
03 Le Planétarium
04 Résumé#1
05 Par les Météores de Pégase!
06 La saveur de la victoire
07 Théme de Shun,Chevalier d'Andromède
08 Les enfants de l'orphelinat
09 Complot,haine et terreur...
10 Les guerres galactiques
11 Un combat gagné d'avance(résumé#2)
12 Un événement imprévu
13 Quand la bataille est finie#1
14 L'amour des hommes#1
15 Combat en enfer
16 Brûle ton cosmos!
17 L'étoile protectrice
18 La mythologie grecque
19 Paix
20 Retrouvailles
21 Plaisanteries d'enfants
22 Quand la bataille est finie#2
23 Ponts musicaux
24 L'ombre qui approche en silence
25 Le calme avant la tempête
26 L'instant de vérité
27 Résumé#3
28 Cliffhanger
29 Eien Blue(version instrumentale)
30 Pegasus Fantasy(trailer)

File 02:bande originale de la série télévisée #02 Sanctuaire
01 Pegasus Fantasy(version instrumentale)
02 Vers des lendemains plus gais
03 Chevalier de l'espoir
04 Un pouvoir étrange
05 Une belle amitié
06 Le bonheur des retrouvailles
07 Souvenir de Death Queen
08 L'esprit maléfique
09 A mains nues contre le mal
10 Surveillés en permanence
11 Les Chevaliers Noirs
12 A la poursuite du mal
13 Souffrance,désespoir et colère...
14 Le sacrifice
15 L'ombre qui approche en silence(reprise)
16 Par les ailes du Phénix!
17 Le terrifiant Sanctuaire
18 Mother Complex#1
19 Thème de Hyôga,Chevalier du Cygne
20 Thème de Shiryû,Chevalier du Dragon
21 Beauté entourée d'un voile
22 Mother Complex#2
23 Cruelle jeunesse
24 L'ombre d'Ares
25 A l'affût de l'ennemi
26 La tension monte...
27 Résumé#4
28 La vie de tous les jours
29 Thèmes de Zeus et Saori Kido
30 Thème de Mitsumasa Kido
31 Eien Blue(générique japonais de fin n°1-version TV)

Disco 2: files 03 et 04.
File 03:bande originale du film "La legende de la pomme d'or"
01 Prologue-Jeux d'enfants
02 Erii et Hyôga
03 Thème d'Eris
04 Eris,déesse du mal
05 La Flèche du Sagittaire
06 La sinistre comète Repulse
07 Eris triomphante
08 Thème des Ghost Five
09 Maléfice
10 Ponts musicaux
11 Domination
12 En plein rêve
13 Chevalier à la lyre
14 Requiem pour cordes
15 La puissance du Phénix
16 Ikki contre Jäger
17 Athéna et ses chevaliers
18 Rassemblez-vous auprès d'Athéna!
19 Le guerrier du Sagittaire
20 La fin du combat
21 Le chant d'Athéna
22 Pegasus Fantasy(version karaoké)
23 Eien Blue(version karaoké)

File 04:bande originale de la série télévisée #03 Sanctuaire
01 Pegasus Fantasy(générique japonais de début n°1-version single)
02 Mourir pour une juste cause
03 Envole toi,Pégase!
04 Le Grand Pope Arès
05 Le repos du guerrier
06 Triste mélodie
07 La fatalité
08 Ponts musicaux
09 Guerre d'illusions
10 Sérénité
11 Mechanic War
12 La mystique maison de la Vierge
13 Athéna
14 Seiya l'idéaliste(thème de Seiya)
15 Magnifiques Chevaliers d'Or
16 Attaque maléfique
17 Le septième sens
18 Amour et harmonie
19 La douleur d'Ikki(thème d'Ikki)
20 Sous le coup de l'émotion
21 Une horde d'assassins
22 Résumé#5
23 Les liens de la souffrance
24 Quand la mort est injuste
25 Le cosmos de l'amitié
26 Eien Blue(générique japonais de fin n°1-version single)

Disco 3: File 05-06
File 05:bandes originales des films "La guerre des dieux" et "Les guerriers d'Abel"
La guerre des dieux
01 Prologue-Legende nordique
02 Pegasus Fantasy(mixage TV)
03 Freyr et Freyja,d'Asgard
04 La captivité de Freyr
05 La trahison de Derbal
06 Hyôga et Shiryû-amitié brisée
07 Le marteau de Mjölnir
08 Chevaliers,sauvez Athéna!
09 Loki le fourbe
10 Derbal dévoile sa force
11 Hyôga et Ikki,le sens du sacrifice
12 L'armure d'Or salvatrice
13 Freyr,héros d'amour et de justice
14 Ragnarok,le crépuscule des dieux
15 Epilogue-Au pied d'Yggdrasil
Les guerriers d'Abel
16 Prologue-Le retour d'Abel
17 De vieilles connaissances
18 Abel-Seiya désemparé
19 La décision de Saori
20 La mort d'Athéna
21 Défier les dieux
22 Atlas,le chevalier incandescent
23 Le monde des morts
24 L'illusion du Phénix!
25 La rebellion de Saga
26 Puiser sa force dans l'amour
27 Le déluge de Deucalion
28 Thème d'Abel
29 La tristesse de Seiya
30 Le choix du destin
31 L'ultime confrontation
32 La résurrection d'Athéna
33 Les derniers instants d'Abel
34 L'éffonfrement du temple
35 You are my reason to be(générique de fin)

File 06:bande originale de la série télévisée "Asgard"
01 La Chanson des Chevaliers(générique français n°2)
02 Saint Shinwa-Soldier Dream(générique japonais n°2-version TV)
03 La tragédie d'un peuple
04 Hilda de Polaris
05 L'anneau des Niebelungen
06 l'éveil des sept Guerriers
07 Rêve de soldat#1
08 Une fleur sous la neige
09 Le temps s'arrête
10 Labyrinthe d'illusions
11 Les légendaires Guerriers Divins
12 Guerriers contre Chevaliers
13 Les larmes de tristes héros
14 Rêve de soldat#2
15 Ponts musicaux
16 Thème d'Hilda la maléfique
17 L'éveil(reprise)
18 Tous au palais du Walhalla!
19 La déesse envoûtée
20 Le combat d'Hilda
21 Jamais victoire n'a été plus amère
22 Par amour pour ces terres
23 La sincérité du Guerrier
24 Face à face
25 La contrée au sombre destin
26 Volonté retrouvée
27 Empare-toi de l'épée de Balmung!
28 Le prix à payer
29 Voyage par le rêve
30 Yume Tabibito-Blue Dream(générique japonais de fin n°2-version TV)

Disco 4: Files 07-08
File 07:bande originale de la série télévisée " Poseidon"
01 Saint Shinwa-Soldier Dream(générique japonais de début n°2)
02 La fin du déluge-les guerriers victorieux
03 L'appel de la néréide
04 Le piège de corail
05 Les lames de fond de l'hippocampe
06 Noirs desseins
07 Première confrontation sous-marine
08 Invocation
09 Sorrento de la Sirène
10 Ponts musicaux#1
11 Le chant de Thétis
12 Ponts musicaux#2
13 Le temple sous la mer
14 Couronnement
15 Yume Tabibito-Blue Dream(générique japonais de fin n°2)
16 Mortelle symphonie
17 Les sept généraux des mers
18 Résumé#6
19 A l'assaut des piliers!
20 Destruction-la colère d'un dieu
21 Poseidon
22 La légende de l'empereur des mers
23 La renaissance d'Athéna
24 Saint Shinwa-Soldier Dream(version karaoke)
25 Yume Tabibito-Blue Dream(version karaoke)

File 08:bande originale du film "Lucifer,dieu des enfers"
01 Prologue-le jour se lève
02 Saint Shinwa-Soldier Dream(version instrumentale)
03 L'avènement de Lucifer
04 Les trois éléments fondamentaux
05 Ultimatum
06 Le sacrifice sacré
07 Les anges de l'Apocalypse
08 Belzebuth
09 Hallucinations diaboliques
10 Souvenirs impérissables
11 La mante religieuse d'or
12 La dernière Guerre Sainte
13 La revanche de Lucifer
14 Détermination
15 La flèche du soleil
16 Le temple détruit
17 Conclusion-hymne à la lumière
18 Yume Tabibito-Blue Dream(version instrumentale)
19 Prologue-légende nordique(sans choeurs)
20 Chevaliers,sauvez Athéna!(sans choeurs)
21 Derbal dévoile sa force(sans choeurs)
22 Epilogue-au pied d'Yggdrasil(sans choeurs)
23 Thème d'Abel(version alternative)
24 Hallucinations diaboliques(version longue)
25 La dernière Guerre Sainte(version courte)


1. I cavalieri dello zodiaco (1version)
2. Il ritorno dei cavalieri dello zodiaco
3. Pegasus fantasy
4. I cavalieri dello zodiaco (versión 2001)


1.Cavaleiros do Zodíaco
2.Seiya, o Cavaleiro de Pegasus
4.Mestre do Mal
7.Rap do Zodiaco
8.Cavaleiros do Zodiaco (Karaoke)
9.Seiya, o Cavaleiro de Pegasus (Karaoke)
10.Saori (Karaoke)
11.Rap do Zodiaco (Karaoke)
12.Forca Astral


Soundtrack Latino
1.Los caballeros del Zodíaco
2.Seiya el caballero de Pegasus
4.Maestro del mal
7.Rap del Zodíaco
8.Caballeros del Zodíaco
9.Fuerza Astral
10.Caballeros del Zodíaco
11.SEiya el caballero de Pegasus
13.Rap del Zodíaco



Hay en Español,Brasilero,ETC....

Idioma: español latino
Calidad: Tv-size a 320kbps
Contiene: Pegasus Fantasy, Blue Forever, Soldier Dream y Blue Dream. Opening y ending Hades Santuario, Opening Meikai (no oficial)

Idioma: español de España
Contiene: el opening clásico y el nuevo opening de cartoon network (ofrecido por AlberichdeMegrez)

Idioma: brasileño
Contiene: el opening y ending de la saga de Hades Santuario

Opening I ran EEUU:

"Never" ending de la película del Tenkai en portugués:



EXTRAS(Curiosidades,Ost de Los Juegos,Pack's)


1.Pegasus Fantasy
2.Friends In The Sky
3.We're Fearless Warriors
4.Blue Forever
5.Video Lullaby (extraído de la serie)





Pack 1:
1.Blue Dream [Acustica ~ En Vivo]
2.Blue Dream [Version LatinoAmericana]
3.Blue Forever [Version LatinoAmericana]
4.Cavaleiros do Zodiaco [Version Brasileña]
5.Knights of Zodiac [Opening EEUU]
6.Los Caballeros del Zodiaco [Opening latino]
7.Never [Version Movie]
8.Pegasus Fantasy [HighLord ~ Long Version]
9.Pegasus Fantasy [HighLord ~ Short Version]
10.Pegasus Fantasy [Version LatinoAmericana]
11.Pegasus Fantasy [Version Portugues]
12.Soldier Dream [Anipara ~ En Vivo]
13.Soldier Dream [Sao Paulo ~ En Vivo]
14.Soldier Dream [Version LatinoAmericana]

*Edición Completa -subido por Darkblaistoise-*:

Pack 2:
1.Blue Dream [Version Portugues]
2.Blue Forever [Version Portugues]
3.Chikyuugi [Remix ~ Long Version]
4.Chikyuugi [Remix ~ Short Version]
5.Marcha al Templo de la Corona [Ova de Abel]
6.Pack Midis
7.Opening 1 [Version Italiana]
8.Opening 3 (??) [Version Italiana]
9.Opening Asgard [Version Francesa]
10.Opening Santuario [Version Francesa]
11.Pegasus Fantasy [AniMetal]
12.Pegasus Fantasy [Remix]
13.Pegasus Fantasy [Version Italiana]
14.Soldier Dream [Live]
15.Soldier Dream [Version Portugues]

*Pack Inéditas 2-subido por Darkblaistoise-*:

Pack 3 Versiones del Pegasus Fantasy:
1.Pegasus Fantasy (brasileña)
2.Pegasus Fantasy (italiana)
3.Pegasus Fantasy (japonesa por instansnow)
4.Pegasus FAtnasy (japonesa por lovelina)
5.Pegasus Fantasy (japonesa por Make-Up)
6.Pegasus Fantasy (japonesa por Yoko Ishida)
7.Pegasus Fantasy (koreana)
8.Pegasus Fantasy (mexicana)
9.Pegasus Fantasy (latina)

Saint Seiya Sound Voice Collection:
Son los sonidos de los efectos especiales

Marcha al Templo de la Corona (solo canción):

Marcha al Templo de la Corona (con dialogos):

Canción Requiem de Mime:

Sonata en FA Mayor (Movimiento I) de Mozart: más conocida como “Canción al Piano de Saori”

Death Rip Serenate (Tema de Orpheo):


Opening Saga del Santuario

Opening Saga de Asgard

Opening Saga de Poseidon

Opening Saga de Hades -Santuario- (sin créditos)

Opening Saga de Hades -Santuario-

Opening Saga de Hades -Infierno-

Opening Saga de Hades -Elíseos-

Opening Saga de Hades -Eliseos- (SIN CREDITOS calidad DVD)

Ending Saga del Santuario

Ending Saga de Asgard/Poseidon

Ending Saga de Hades -Santuario- (sin créditos en japonés)

Ending Saga de Hades -Infierno- (escenas de la ova 24)

Ending Saga de Hades -Elíseos- (escenas ova 26)

Ver en Youtube (karaoke hecho por Hyoga^-^


Ending FINAL de Saint Seiya (Elíseos) -SIN CRÉDITOS- versión DVD

Opening/Endings de las ovas 1 y 2 de los Elíseos –sin créditos- versión DVD


Opening ESPAÑOL de los caballeros HQ

Opening original de Los Caballeros del Zodiaco en Español [DvdRip] (aporte por m4x1m0)

Nuevo opening "Open up your wings"

Nuevo Ending "Open up your wings"

Intro de PS2 SS The Sanctuary en 3D HQ

Trailer promocional de SS The Hades PS2

Especial Ending de Ishibashi Yuuko(extra del dvd3 de los Eliseos)